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Turtles New England Florida Aquarium South Carolina Shelly Marquardt
- Fifty-two endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtles suffering from "cold stun" are rehabbing at four facilities in Florida after a flight on a private plane from the New England Aquarium. The turtles arrived in Tampa on Tuesday, and 16 were sent to ... [Read More]


Quantum Qubits Computer Computers Quantum Computer Logical Qubits
- A quantum computer built by QuEra contains the largest ever number of "logical quantum bits", which can be used for error-free calculations Another quantum computing record has been broken. A team has built a quantum computer with the largest ever ... [Read More]

Bears Dna Edna Researchers Scientists Research
- Polar bears are mostly solitary creatures that can cover huge swaths of rugged, remote terrain in Canada , Norway, Russia, Greenland and Alaska. This makes them difficult to find and study—even as scientists have lots of questions about how ... [Read More]

Mammals Aging Professor De Magalh Atilde Es Dinosaurs
- An intriguing new study introduces the 'longevity bottleneck' hypothesis, which suggests human aging may be intricately linked to the long period of dinosaur dominance on Earth. This concept was brought to light by Professor João Pedro de ... [Read More]


Manatees Humans Manatee Threat Center Diversity
- Humans actually pose more of a threat to manatees than they do to us, but just in case you didn't know, here's the scoop on these gentle giants. Manatees are often called "sea cows" because they are large marine mammals that primarily feed on seagrass in the waterways where they live. Humans pose the biggest threat to manatees, but are manatees a threat to humans? The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering reclassifying manatees as endangered after their population has dwindled since 2017, Axios reported. So, are manatees dangerous? Keep reading for everything you should know about ... [Read More]

Glaciers Surface Life Mercury Mercury's Planet's
- Scientists at the Planetary Science Institute have uncovered compelling evidence suggesting the potential for life on Mercury, particularly at its north pole. Using images from NASA's MESSENGER probe, the researchers discovered features that appear ... [Read More]


Baboons Gabbanat El Animals Egypt Study Van Neer
- Baboons sacred to the ancient Egyptians were glorified as mummies after their death, but they suffered from poor conditions when they were alive, a new study suggests. The researchers examined bones from dozens of mummified baboons from ancient ... [Read More]

Menorah Kulbersh Solidarity Project Non Jews Menorahs
- Adam Kulbersh's "Project Menorah" campaign encourages non-Jews to display menorahs in their windows as an expression of solidarity during Hanukkah ( JTA ) — When Adam Kulbersh's 6-year-old son Jack asked when they would be putting up their ... [Read More]


Han Dynasty Tomb Social Sciences Chinese Academy Chongqing Institute Xinhua News
- More than 2,100 years ago, a high-ranking official in China's Western Han Dynasty was buried in a huge tomb filled with treasures. Since then, the tomb has remained untouched, its contents well preserved. Archaeologists with the Chongqing Institute ... [Read More]

Tulare Basin Scorpion Species Fresno County Central Valley California Academy Scorpion
- Researchers just published the discovery of a new species of creepy crawly in the San Joaquin Desert. Whether you're fascinated or horrified (or both) by creepy crawlies in the great outdoors, here's another critter to put on your radar: Researchers have confirmed the discovery of a previously unknown scorpion species in California's San Joaquin Desert. It's not exactly new news: The venomous Tulare Basin scorpion, also called the Paruroctonus Tulare, was first discovered and photographed by citizen scientist Brian Hinds back in 2020. He posted his pics to the social network iNaturalist, ... [Read More]

Limb Development Cell Wellcome Sanger Institute Sen University Sun Yat
- Human fingers and toes do not grow outward; instead, they form from within a larger foundational bud, as intervening cells recede to reveal the digits beneath. This is among many processes captured for the first time as scientists unveil a spatial ... [Read More]

Palace Henry Vii's Tudor Palace Collyweston Palace Chaps Henry Viii
- Collyweston Palace, home of Henry VII's mother, uncovered despite 'no money, no expertise, no plans' When a group of amateur archaeologists set out to find the buried remains of a Tudor palace in their Northamptonshire village five years ago, they ... [Read More]

Mole Golden Mole Species Winton's Port Nolloth De
- De Winton's golden mole was in November 2023 through environmental DNA tracking after being not being sighted since 1937. CC BY The De Winton's golden mole was last seen in 1937 on the north-western coast of South Africa, and later declared ... [Read More]


Moon Rover Roo Ver Space Ver First Moon Rover
- The Australian Space Agency is working on plans for its first moon rover, which will fly on an Artemis mission later this decade – and it has already chosen a name It hasn't been built yet and it won't be hopping like its namesake, the ... [Read More]

Mice Mirror Self Species Humans Box
- Mice can recognise their reflection in a mirror and detect changes in their appearance, adding to the number of known species able to form visual self-image – like humans. In a series of experiments, researchers from the University of Texas in the US placed white and black markings on the faces of black mice and placed them in a box with a mirror.  When the ink spot was white, the mice noticed the physical change in their reflection and spent more time grooming their heads in front of the mirror, according to the study  published  in  Neuron . The experiment was ... [Read More]

Moon Surface Lander Spacecraft Lunar Surface Scientists
- During the wee hours of Christmas Eve this year, before the gift wrapping begins and the aroma of gingerbread brightens the air, a spacecraft is set to launch to the moon. It's called the Peregrine Lunar Lander, named for the fastest flying bird on  Earth . If all goes to plan, the robotic avian will zoom through space and fly into the moon's gravitational tides, then meticulously lower its orbit until eventually touching down on a region of ancient lunar lava flows known as the Bay of Stickiness, or Sinus Viscositatis. This mission will be one for the history books for ... [Read More]

Bears Hibernation Sleepless Bears Dens Temperatures Cubs
- Bears in Siberia are wandering around "half-asleep" following abnormally high temperatures this fall, according to the Department for the Protection of Wildlife of the Amur Region. The bears are ready to hibernate, having accumulated the fat reserves needed to sleep through the winter, but warm temperatures in November have kept them up past their bedtime, the government department said in a translated Telegram post on Nov. 21. "In some areas, half-asleep bears still walk around the dens," representatives wrote in the post. Bears were spotted traipsing around in a daze a month past the time ... [Read More]

Vaccine Covid Xbb Health Canada European Union Variants
- The updated Covid-19 vaccine is also authorised for use in the US and the European Union. Health Canada has granted expanded authorisation for Novavax 's updated Covid-19 vaccine, Nuvaxovid XBB.1.5 (recombinant protein, adjuvanted) [NVX-CoV2601]. The vaccine is indicated for the active immunisation of those aged 12 years and above for Covid-19 prevention.  The company plans to make the adapted protein-based, non-mRNA vaccine available in the country soon. The move comes after the National Advisory Committee on Immunization of the Public Health Agency of Canada recommended the use of XBB ... [Read More]

Mice Self Mirror Ink Test Spot
- Joining the likes of killer whales ( Orcinus orca ) and bottlenose dolphins ( Tursiops truncatus ), plus a number of primates, a common dark-furred mouse has passed what's known as the mirror test, backed up by gene mapping, that suggests it may possess well-developed self-recognition. Researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSMC) have used observational and neural analysis to gauge whether the common lab-bred C57BL/6 mouse ( Mus musculus ) could notice a change in its appearance – here, a spot of contrasting white ink on the forehead – when ... [Read More]


Shark Megamouth Philippines Sharks Megamouth Sharks Species
- In a world first, a megamouth shark has been seen pregnant. A female of this super rare, deepwater species was found washed up on a beach in the Philippines last month. Unfortunately the megamouth shark ( Megachasma pelagios ) had to die for us to see this, with one dead young shark found next to her and a further six pups inside. The discovery proves that megamouths are ovoviviparous , which means that they develop in eggs which hatch inside the mothers, who then give birth to live babies. The mother megamouth was found on November 14 in Barangay Ipil, Dipaculao, Aurora Province. She ... [Read More]