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Reef Coral Reefs Carbonate Florida's Loss
- A new study has found that 70% of Florida's reefs are eroding and experiencing net loss of reef habitat. The research, conducted by an interdisciplinary group of scientists through the NOAA Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies ... [Read More]


Flight Nasa's Orion Capsule Apollo Moon Orion Astronauts
- CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA's Orion capsule and its test dummies swooped one last time around the moon Monday, flying over a couple Apollo landing sites before heading home. Orion will aim for a Pacific splashdown Sunday off San Diego, ... [Read More]


Mutations Queen's University Belfast Condition Disease People Men
- Two men buried long ago in a medieval graveyard in Co. Donegal had a genetic condition called multiple osteochondromas, which causes benign bone tumors. One of the disease mutations is a new discovery, so this is the first time such information has ... [Read More]

Titan Clouds James Webb Moon James Webb Telescope Keck
- For centuries astronomers have been curious about this moon of Saturn, and thanks to new telescopes like James Webb, we're starting to uncover some of the mysteries of this moon. In the relatively short time since it was launched, the James Webb ... [Read More]

Fire Homo Cave System South Africa Evidence Species
- Researchers excavating South Africa's Rising Star Cave system have unearthed evidence that homo naeldi, an extinct species of hominid first discovered in 2013, built fires in underground chambers. It is often said the ability to make fire is one of the key skills that defines humans – it allowed our ancestors to cook food, keep warm and eventually become the most dominant species on the planet. Recently, evidence has been found across Europe to suggest that Neanderthals were also skilled fire users but now we may have to add another species to the list. Researchers excavating a complex ... [Read More]

Covid Children Pfizer Pfe Paxlovid Wall Street Journal Rebound
- Coronavirus Update China begins to loosen COVID rules Biden considers scrapping the military's vaccine mandate, and there's new data about Paxlovid rebounds China's decision to soften COVID-19 restrictions in the face of widespread protests cheered ... [Read More]

Matter Clocks Dark Matter Space Sun Physics
- The "SpaceQ" mission proposes sending spacecraft loaded with quantum clocks to explore what strange things are bound to our Sun. Physicists have proposed a mind-boggling space mission that might finally expose the true nature of dark matter, an ... [Read More]


Udca Drug Hamsters Virus Cells Sars Cov
- A drug that is approved for treating gallstones and liver conditions inhibits cells' ACE2 receptors, which the coronavirus' spike protein binds to A drug that targets the coronavirus' entry point into cells could protect against the infection as ... [Read More]

Cerberus Fossae Plume Mars Mantle Elysium Planitia Activity
- Mars has been viewed as a mostly geologically static world, but the planet may have an enormous underground plume of hot rocks slowly rising towards the surface A strange system of trenches on Mars may be hiding an enormous plume of hot rock rising ... [Read More]

Wolves Parasite Toxoplasma Gondii Study Yellowstone National Park Nature News
- Scientists already know that the parasite Toxoplasma gondii can influence animal behavior. For example, rodents infected with the parasite are less fearful around predators, according to National Geographic 's Mary Bates. Now, in a new study published in  Communications Biology , researchers have teased out the parasite's influence on grey wolves in Yellowstone National Park. Wolves infected by Toxoplasma gondii were more likely to become pack leaders than uninfected wolves. "We've really underestimated some of the consequences this parasite has," Eben Gering , a biologist at Nova ... [Read More]

Apollo Moon Astronauts Schmitt Samples History
- The Apollo program's sixth human landing on the moon ended an epic chapter in space exploration. The Apollo program's sixth human landing on the moon ended an epic chapter in space exploration. A little more than three years after took mankind's , ... [Read More]


United States Dose Coronavirus Covid 19 Dec Doses
- How many novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases were announced today? The  Coronavirus Resource Center  is continuously updated source where you can find the latest news on COVID-19. Data on vaccination comes from the  Centers for ... [Read More]

Sea Kelp Forests Steller's Cow Kelp Forests
- Nearly three hundred years after the Steller's sea cow went extinct due to overhunting, scientists have determined how the four-tonne marine mammal helped shape kelp forests along the Pacific coast of North America. And in the process created what ... [Read More]

Moon Spacecraft Orion Nasa Orbit Mission
- Dec. 5 (UPI) -- NASA's Orion spacecraft has completed a close flyby of the moon on Day 20 of the Artemis I mission as the capsule prepares to return to Earth. The return powered flyby burn began around 11:43 a.m. EST and was livestreamed by NASA . ... [Read More]


Infection Booster Protection Antibody Ba Levels
- In a recent study posted to the medRxiv * preprint server, researchers assessed the protection elicited after a severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) booster vaccination or a breakthrough infection against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant infection. Background Several coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines have been produced and have proven to be highly effective in decreasing infections, hospitalizations, and mortality rates associated with SARS-CoV-2. However, diminishing vaccine-induced immunity suggests optimal protection after vaccination may be rather ... [Read More]

Colosseum Tour Underground Gladiator Arena Fights
- You can't brag about your visit to Rome until you have actually been to the colosseum and its underground. Along with the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, the Colosseum tour is a big reason travelers went back to Rome again and again. This place is a living breathing eyewitness of ancient gladiator battles and animal hunts. At present, it still holds the aura and honor of being one of the most celebrated architectural craftsmanship of ancient Rome. And to get the best out of your colosseum visit you just can't miss its underground. Where all the gladiators and wild animals were kept hostile ... [Read More]

Sharks North Carolina South Florida Great White Shark Coast
- Two huge great white sharks known as Mahone and Ironbound are gathering off the Carolinas. The gigantic great whites were tracked in the area by Ocearch—an organization that tags sharks to learn more about their behavior. Tagged Ocearch sharks "ping" on the tracker when they move up near the surface of the water. Mahone is 14 feet long and weighs 1,701 pounds. The great white was fitted with a tracker by Ocearch in 2020 and has been tracked swimming roughly 42 miles off the coast of North Carolina on December 4. It's not the only great white lurking in the area. Ironbound, a great ... [Read More]


Category Covid Xi China's Media Restrictions
- Unnamed expert tells state media outlet Yicai that Covid could be downgraded from a category A disease to category C Coronavirus is weakening and management protocols could be downgraded, an expert on China's state media has claimed, after unprecedented protests last week led to a major shift in Beijing's commitment to its zero-Covid policy. Since January 2020, China has classified Covid-19 as a Category B infectious disease but has managed it under Category A protocols, which give local authorities the power to put patients and their close contacts into quarantine and lock down affected ... [Read More]

Category China Measures Disease B Covid
- HONG KONG, Dec 5 (Reuters) - China may announce 10 new COVID-19 easing measures as early as Wednesday, two sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters, supplementing 20 unveiled in November that set off a wave of COVID easing steps nationwide. Three years of zero-tolerance measures, from shuttered borders to frequent lockdowns, have battered China's economy, fuelling last month the mainland's biggest show of public discontent since President Xi Jinping took power in 2012. Management of the disease may be downgraded as soon as January, to the less strict Category B from the current ... [Read More]


Caspian Sea Seals Ministry Southwestern Russia Population Zaur Gapizov
- About 2,500 dead seals have been found on the coast of the Caspian Sea in southwestern Russia, conservation authorities said, a significant setback for the endangered species. The Natural Resources Ministry in Dagestan, a region in southwestern Russia, said late Sunday local time that the seals had been found at different locations along Dagestan's coast, which lines the northwest portion of the Caspian Sea, the world's largest inland body of water. The ministry had earlier said that 700 Caspian seals were found, and then a broader count brought the total to 1,700. But "unfortunately, the ... [Read More]