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Shelters Pinellas County Schools Monday Tuesday Schools School
- LARGO — As Tropical Storm Ian nears, Pinellas County Schools announced Sunday that all schools and offices will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and are tentatively scheduled to reopen Thursday. County commissioners and Pinellas County ... [Read More]

Mosquitoes Asian Tiger Raupp Mosquito Eggs Richard Dreyfuss
- The mosquitoes are still biting. If anything, they seem even worse these days: tenacious, like Japanese soldiers who don't know World War II's over and remain steadfastly loyal to a lost cause. That cause? Sucking my blood — and probably ... [Read More]

Bourla Covid Time Sars Cov Ticker Security Pfizer Chairman
- Bourla says he is symptom-free after second positive COVID-19 test Pfizer Chairman and  CEO Albert Bourla  on Saturday said that has tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time in less than two months. Bourla, who heads the company ... [Read More]

Panels Solar Panels Panel Roof Solar Panel Energy
- Are you having trouble fitting solar panels on your roof? You're not alone. According to a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the average U.S. home has an attic that is only 38% utilized. That's because the installation process for ... [Read More]

Wheel Cycle Oscillations Energy Limit Modules
- In a physics lab in Amsterdam, there's a wheel that can spontaneously roll uphill by wiggling. This "odd wheel" looks simple: just six small motors linked together by plastic arms and rubber bands to form a ring about 6 inches in diameter. When the motors are powered on, it starts writhing, executing complicated squashing and stretching motions and occasionally flinging itself into the air, all the while slowly making its way up a bumpy foam ramp. Original story reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine , an editorially independent publication of the Simons Foundation whose mission is ... [Read More]


Typhoon Philippines Noru People Agency Philippine Coast Guard
- Thousands of Filipinos flee their homes as an approaching storm rapidly intensifies into a super typhoon. Authorities in the Philippines have started evacuating people from coastal areas as a powerful typhoon barrels towards the heavily populated ... [Read More]

Eels Eggs Eel Reproduction Sperm Water
- Eels are a type of fish that have adapted to an aquatic lifestyle. They have a continuous digestive track that allows them to eat small prey items such as insects and worms. Eels reproduce by laying eggs in the water column. The eggs hatch into ... [Read More]

Opium Poppy Jugs Ring Base Jars
- Despite the abundance of evidence for opium use in Crete, Cyprus, Spain, Egypt, and ancient Sumer, scholars have debated whether or not there was much opium trade in the Levant. Archaeologists excavating outside of Tel Aviv, Israel have unearthed ... [Read More]

Termites Deadwood Carbon Wood Climate Change
- When we consider termites, we may think of the danger they can pose to our houses once they settle in and start eating wood. But in fact, only about 4 percent of termite species worldwide are considered pests that might, at some point, eat your ... [Read More]

Levis Yards Kentucky Huskies Northern Illinois Tayvion Robinson
- LEXINGTON, Ky. — Will Levis tied a career high with four touchdown passes, including critical scores of 70 and 40 yards to Barion Brown and Tayvion Robinson after halftime, and No. 8 Kentucky held off Northern Illinois 31-23 on Saturday night. After allowing the pesky Huskies a tying touchdown seconds before halftime, Levis put the Wildcats (4-0) ahead 21-14 just 58 seconds into the third quarter by hitting Brown across the middle on third-and-10. Coming a snap after the senior quarterback was nearly intercepted, it was just what Kentucky needed to gain room from a NIU team unfazed by ... [Read More]

People Boat Lebanon Death Onboard Un
- Survivors say boat that sank off Syrian coast had between 120 and 150 people onboard The death toll from a boat that sank off the Syrian coast after sailing from Lebanon earlier this week has risen to 94, Syrian state TV said on Saturday. The ... [Read More]

Nebula Eye Cat's Star Cat's Eye Nebula Model
- The twisty eruption of a dying star has finally been revealed in all its 3D glory. A team of scientists led by a high school graduate has reconstructed the complicated and mysterious nebulae that make up one of the most famous stellar ghosts in the ... [Read More]

Storm Cayman Islands Hurricane Florida Eastern Gulf Ian
- Cayman Islands and Jamaica brace while Florida governor declares emergency, with storm headed to state by midweek Florida residents on Saturday were bracing for a heavy tropical storm that weather experts warn could become a major hurricane. ... [Read More]

Asteroid Spacecraft Mission Asteroids Space Dimorphos
- Heart rates are spiking in the Washington suburbs, where scientists and engineers on Monday evening hope to witness a vending-machine-sized spacecraft that is 7 million miles from Earth crash into an asteroid . If everything goes as planned, and ... [Read More]

Officers Train Fort Lupton Police Patrol Yareni Rios
- Yareni Rios-Gonzales hospitalized after officers fail to pull her from car they had parked on tracks A dramatic video released by Colorado authorities shows the moment a freight train hit a police patrol cruiser parked on the train tracks with a person handcuffed in the backseat. The video, which was released on Friday by the Platteville and Fort Lupton police departments, shows how Yareni Rios-Gonzalez, 20, was hurt after officers from both agencies detained her in a patrol car on 16 September as they searched her pickup truck for weapons. The officers were responding to a report of a road ... [Read More]

Jupiter Earth Opposition Monday Jupiter's Planet
- Jupiter is set to make a rare close pass by Earth while also reaching 'opposition,' meaning stargazers will have a stunning view on Monday, Sept.… Jupiter is set to make a rare close pass by Earth while also reaching 'opposition,' meaning stargazers will have a stunning view on Monday, Sept. 26. (Getty)  Read Less Nexstar Media Wire , Addy Bink Posted: Updated: SHARE (NEXSTAR) – For the first time in nearly 60 years, Jupiter will be as close to Earth as possible on Monday, Sept. 26, as it reaches opposition, giving stargazers a rare stunning view of the largest planet in ... [Read More]


Egypt Tour Packages Pyramids Luxor Kings
- If you're looking for a traditional Egypt tour package that will offer you a unique and unforgettable experience, look no further than the Memphistour. This company is known for its high-quality tours and is considered one of the best in the business. With departures from Cairo and Luxor, this company provides customers with a fantastic view of ancient Egypt without leaving their comfortable hotel. Whether it's its stunning pyramids or ancient tombs, nothing can resist being in Ancient Egypt. Whether you're looking for a classic Egypt tour package or something more modern and innovative, ... [Read More]

Royal Vault Chapel Queen King George Vi Memorial Prince Philip George Vi
- Black marble stone in St George's Chapel, Windsor, bears names of late monarch, her husband and parents The first picture of the new ledger stone marking Queen Elizabeth II's final resting place in Windsor has been released. The hand-carved Belgian black marble slab bears in brass lettering the names of the Queen, her husband, Prince Philip, and her parents, George VI and Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. It has been set into the floor of the King George VI Memorial Chapel in St George's Chapel where all four royals, who were members of the Order of the Garter, were buried. Princess Margaret's ... [Read More]

Life Earth Planet Astronomers Super Earths Exoplanets
- Astronomers catalogue a new type of planet, the super-Earth, which seem to be bigger and better than Earth itself Astronomers now routinely discover planets orbiting stars outside of the solar system  — they're called exoplanets. But in summer 2022, teams working on NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite found a few particularly interesting planets orbiting in the habitable zones of their parent stars. One planet is 30% larger than Earth and orbits its star in less than three days. The other is 70% larger than the Earth and might host a deep ocean. These two exoplanets are ... [Read More]


Flight Berrie Aisle Video Instagram Wheelchair
- A woman has gone viral on TikTok after filming her degrading experience as a wheelchair user on a flight needing to use the bathroom.  Jenny Berrie, from the UK, filmed herself dragging her body along an AlbaStar Air flight when the cabin crew refused to help her on the flight from Newcastle airport to Palma, Mallorca. In her video, which has garnered over five million views, Berrie also said a crew member on her flight told her that "disabled people just wear [diapers]" rather than have to use the restroom.  Here's how I had to get to the toilet on my recent Albastar Airlines ... [Read More]