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Octopus Octopuses Clifford Eggs California Sea Grant Family
- A family in Oklahoma that had purchased a pet octopus accidentally ended up with dozens of the sea creatures on their hands, after an unexpected baby boom. Their pet turned out to be harboring fertilized eggs—leaving the family with 50 ... [Read More]

Plagues Drought Middle East Israelites United States Series
- A volcanic eruption and shift in climate could have triggered a series of ancient calamities—from pestilence to locusts—as described in the Bible. The biblical story of the 10 Plagues of Egypt is central to the origin of the . As ... [Read More]


Space Nasa Junk Agency Home Iss
- The mysterious object that crashed through the roof of a Florida home last month did indeed come from the International Space Station (ISS), NASA has confirmed. That home, in the seaside city of Naples, belongs to Alejandro Otero. Shortly after ... [Read More]

Australia Regulations Australia's World Species Country
- Best Places to Go Animal Spotting in Australia Unveiling the wonders of Australia's diverse wildlife with this guide to the best spots for animal spotting across the continent... Australia is a large and diverse country that is home to many weird ... [Read More]


Lyrids Shower Meteors Comet Thatcher Meteor Comet
- We haven't experienced a major meteor shower since the Quadrantids ended in early January , but the annual meteor drought has officially ended with the Lyrids now in action. Here's what you need to know about this yearly light show and how to watch it. The Lyrids Meteor Shower, stemming from the debris of Comet Thatcher (C/1861 G1), became active yesterday (April 15) and will remain so until April 29, reaching its climax on the nights of April 21 to 22 and 22 to 23. We've known about the Lyrids for at least 2,700 years, yet not much is known about its progenitor comet. Described by the ... [Read More]


Pottery Jiigurru Years People Arc Centre Torres Strait
- Very little research has been conducted in the area. Pottery was largely unknown in Australia before the recent past, despite well-known pottery traditions in nearby Papua New Guinea and the islands of the western Pacific. The absence of ancient ... [Read More]

Butterfly Butterflies Plants Sanctuary Flowers Nectar
- Contribute to wildlife conservation and enjoy opportunities to engage in butterfly watching and citizen science in your own backyard butterfly sanctuary No matter how big (or small) your backyard is, you have room to garden for wildlife, especially ... [Read More]

Gold Material Titanium Etching Properties Layer
- For centuries, goldsmiths have sought ways to flatten gold into ever finer forms. An approach based in modern chemistry has finally created a gold material that literally can't get any thinner, consisting of a single layer of atoms. Sticking to the ... [Read More]

New England Whale Entanglement Year Whales National Oceanic
- A North Atlantic right whale has been spotted entangled in rope off New England, worsening an already devastating year for the vanishing animals, federal authorities said. The right whales number less than 360 and are vulnerable to entanglement in ... [Read More]


Bleaching Coral Reefs Event Ocean Temperatures
- Scientists said Monday that the world's coral reefs are facing a fourth global bleaching event as the fossil fuel-driven climate emergency pushes ocean temperatures to record highs , imperiling the critical underwater ecosystems that sustain thousands of species. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI)—which NOAA co-chairs—said they documented coral bleaching in the northern and southern hemispheres of every major ocean basin on Earth between February 2023 and April of this year. It could be the worst global ... [Read More]

Hole Black Hole Star Mass Scientists Bh3
- Gaia BH3, which is in the constellation of The Eagle, is 33 times bigger than the sun in terms of mass and was spotted because of a star 'wobbling' in its orbit. It was spotted in space by scientists from the European Southern Observatory. ... [Read More]


Structure Protein S Elongatus Max Planck Institute Citrate Molecule
- From the spiral arms of galaxies to microscopic snow crystals, nature seems to fall into fractal-like patterns that repeat in increasingly smaller increments. No matter how small you go, parts of the pattern still resemble the whole. One exception ... [Read More]

Ray Milky Way Rays Cosmic Rays Energy Gamma
- A Super Cosmic Ray Accelerator – Chinese Astronomers Discover Giant Ultra-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Bubble TOPICS: The Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) has discovered a giant ultra-high-energy gamma-ray bubble structure in the ... [Read More]

Health Diversity Mental Wellbeing Wellbeing Natural Diversity Biodiversity
- New research has found that spaces with a diverse range of natural features are associated with stronger improvements in our mental wellbeing compared to spaces with less natural diversity. New research from King's College London has found that ... [Read More]

Gamma Gamma Ray Ray Bursts Astronomers Neutron
- When faraway stars explode, they send out flashes of energy called gamma-ray bursts that are bright enough that telescopes back on Earth can detect them. Studying these pulses, which can also come from mergers of some exotic astronomical objects such as black holes and neutron stars, can help astronomers like me understand the history of the universe. Space telescopes detect on average one gamma-ray burst per day, adding to thousands of bursts detected throughout the years, and a community of volunteers are making research into these bursts possible. On Nov. 20, 2004, NASA launched the Neil ... [Read More]

Flu Birds Humans Bird H5n1 People
- Since early 2022, a highly pathogenic strain of avian flu, H5N1, has been infecting wild aquatic birds and domestic poultry in the United States. More than 85 million birds in 48 states have died as a result of the virus or have been culled after exposure to infected birds. This same strain has now spread to cows. Health officials have detected H5N1 in cattle across 16 herds in six states . And earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a case of bird flu in a dairy worker in Texas who likely contracted the virus from cattle. This is an alarming situation ... [Read More]

Vehicle Astronauts Moon Nasa Moon Camper Artemis Ii
- The Lunar Cruiser can support a two-person crew for 30 days. Everything they need is inside. When NASA returns to the Moon, its astronauts will have a unique vehicle at their disposal—a pressurized vehicle in which astronauts will be able to live and perform experiments for weeks on end. The lunar vehicle looks mighty similar to a trusty camper van. That's fitting because it sounds like it has a lot of the same amenities. One of its strongest points is that it can be operated without having to wear a spacesuit as the environment inside is completely controlled for optimal temperature ... [Read More]

Species Kangaroos Protemnodon P Mamkurra Kerr Grey Kangaroos
- Scientists have identified three new species of giant kangaroo that lived from 5 million to 40,000 years ago, one of which is around double the size of the biggest kangaroos alive today. The giant kangaroos are from the genus Protemnodon, and would have demonstrated more variability in shape, range and hopping method than researchers previously thought, according to a statement from Flinders University in South Australia. The research, published Monday in the journal Megataxa , is based on the discovery of several complete fossil skeletons by paleontologists working in Lake Callabonna in ... [Read More]


Species Sea Deep Sea Rapa Nui Rapa Nui Sea Council G Oacute Mez Ridge
- An international team of researchers, co-led by Ariadna Mechó from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS), has recently made an exciting discovery off the coast of Chile. During an expedition to the Salas y Gómez Ridge – a less explored stretch of underwater mountains extending from Chile to Rapa Nui – the experts observed 160 deep-sea species that were not known to inhabit the region.  Among the deep-sea species that were spotted, the researchers suspect that at least 50 might be entirely new to ... [Read More]


Earth Asteroid Space Rock Approach April Planet
- A "city-killer" asteroid has just made its closest approach to Earth since records began, sailing safely past our planet at more than eight times the average distance between Earth and the moon. Despite being classified as "potentially hazardous," the gigantic space rock poses no threat to our planet. But for the first time ever, it will be visible via amateur telescopes over the next three nights (April 15 - April 17). The hefty asteroid, named 2013 NK4, is around 2,000 feet (610 meters) wide, making it about twice the size of the "god of chaos" asteroid Apophis, which will make a ... [Read More]